Rental software for machine rental? We have the software for this rental!

Does your company want to work faster and more efficiently?
Are you looking for rental software for the rental of machines to help you with this?
Or would you like to reduce your costs and increase your profits by using good Microsoft rental software for machine rental?

Regardless of your focus, your company probably wants to work more efficiently at increasingly lower costs; not to mention serving clients even faster. Because that’s what most rental clients want. Our software helps you very well with this and ensures that you have less stress and more return because our solution is based on Microsoft, which means efficient, future-oriented software. This way, you maintain the same level of quality in your business now and in the future. Plus, you’re better able to serve your clients successfully thanks to good prices and good services because our rental software for machine rental gives you a clear overview that lets you get a better grip on things and maintain more control over them.

Our software is based on Microsoft Dynamics

The rental of machines involves commercial and logistics flows, including things like purchases, warehouses, stocks, and shipping. In short, stock and logistics are topical issues when you are at the head of a company.

You can order equipment from within our software and have it delivered to your warehouse or directly to your sites. Purchasing in itself can be done in various ways and we also provide the option of direct links to distributors’ purchasing departments.

Delivered and used machines are booked on the appropriate contracts and warehouses. Equipment can be managed per person, location, or site. You probably want to keep track of the detailed movements of use or lending as well, which is also possible.

Scanning is also in high demand, so naturally, we’ve got a comprehensive solution for you here, too.

We are your partner for rental software for machine rental, which is why we have a lot of software modules and benefits for you, including:

  • CRM
  • Quotes
  • Schedules
  • Equipment and materials
  • Leasing management
  • Transports
  • Returns
  • HRM
  • Services 
  • Accounting
  • Strong reporting
  • A lot of the software is standard 
  • Customisation is possible
  • Extensive standard software
  • Ready-made
  • Proven software
  • Fast implementation time
  • Affordable
  • Works on any device
  • Mobile, so you can work from anywhere
  • Use as an app
  • Easily to expand
  • A lot of support available
  • Guaranteed updates and upgrades
  • Dynamics has 160,000 clients in 195 countries
  • Is a market standard
  • Available in the cloud and locally
rental offimac business central rental software

There are many software packages on the market. And you could purchase and install separate packages for each department. But you’ll only benefit the most if you coordinate everything and everyone in your company, and get them all to work together. An integrated solution that unlocks all your departments is the best tool to help you work more efficiently, which is why we built this software; it allows you to manage all your departments, employees, and activities from a single software package. All with a minimum of work and administration because your employees want to concentrate fully on the essentials instead of wasting time doing unnecessary administration. Our rental software for machine rental is one such efficient system. It’s the rental software for machines rental you wil like!

Why is our rental software a good choice for SMB rental companies?

Because it lets you combine the strength of a major player like Microsoft with the experience and expertise of our company, which means you get very good, future-oriented software for the rental of machines. Because, naturally, you want a solution that will let you manage your business for many years to come.

Microsoft guarantees continuous innovation. It provides mobile software that runs on any device and constantly invests in new technology that helps clients even more Because digitisation is inevitable.

If you want to be sure of both the quality of the implementation and aftercare, you need to work with a reliable company like ours. Because we have proven experience and knows what software for machine rental means. Our company is a partner with 40 years of experience in rental software and we take a professional approach to our work based on ISO:9001. Because that, too, is necessary for a successful implementation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our rental software for machine rental service.

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