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Would you like to know more about our rental software for rental property?
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Optimise your sales and administration with our rental solution for property rental and management!

Many property management companies are in a very competitive and demanding market, in which they’re experiencing increasing pressure on margins. The stress of serving their clients faster, more efficiently, and at increasingly lower prices is becoming quite tangible. But you can actually make more money with our rental software! Plus, you’re on a digital platform from Microsoft that will help make you future-proof because Microsoft is a very stable and innovative player. And it ensures that you can start working with our rental software without any worries. Because this is the place to find reliable software for property rental!


  • CRM
  • Quotes
  • Schedules
  • Equipment and materials
  • Rental management
  • Transports
  • Returns
  • HRM
  • Services 
  • Accounting
  • Strong reporting

What can our rental software for property rental do for you?

There’s a lot of software out there. And clients no longer see the forest for the trees among the wide range of software packages on offer. But our integrated property rental software lets you to manage your entire business from a single software package. All with a minimum of work and administration, so that your employees will be able to spend more time with clients. Plus, they won’t have to do any superfluous paperwork. Because no one likes to do that. And this probably applies within your company, too.

With our solution, your business will also get the highest efficiency and productivity gains. And specific reporting makes it easy to keep an overview of and a grip on your business, so you can observe situations closely and respond to them quickly. 

You can discover more about the Microsoft platform upon which we built our rental solution for property rental and management on this site. It is a solution that builds on Office 365, which is used daily by many companies of all sizes.  This also makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 a logical progression to more business applications for Office 365 clients.

The advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Extensive standard software
  • Ready-made
  • Proven software
  • Fast implementation time
  • Affordable
  • Works on any device
  • Mobile, so you can work from anywhere
  • Use as an app
  • Easily to expand
  • A lot of support available
  • Guaranteed updates and upgrades
  • Dynamics has 160,000 clients in 195 countries
  • Is a market standard
  • Available in the cloud and locally
rental offimac business central rental software

Did you know that we have 40 years of experience in rental business?

Our client portfolio has long included rental companies and we are an expert in numerous industries. Our software is even unique in certain sectors. Our company uses an ISO-based approach to ensure the quality of our software for rental property management, the implementation, and the aftercare.

We are a proven professional with experience in the automation of companies. We’re a company that has proven that it knows your business and has solutions for it; one that puts its software into practice professionally. We’ve got you covered when it comes to Microsoft rental software for property rental!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with more questions about our sector-specific rental solution.


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