Rental software for project rental? We have software for your company!

Would you like to know more about rental software for project rental?
Is it because you’re looking for new solution for project-based types of rental?
And did you know that you can make more money?

Optimise your administration with our software for rental companies!

Given that project rental is a different discipline within rental business, we developed specific software for it as well. After all, rental companies in the project sector also have other projects to manage in addition to their administration. And that means that they also get to deal with the challenges associated with projects, like time registration, scheduling, and project statistics. All of this must be managed quickly, efficiently, and cheaply too. But our software offers a good solution because it saves you money in your project administration, which improves your net results!

We have developed a specific solution for project rental on top of Microsoft Dynamics. This will help make you future-proof because Microsoft is a very stable and innovative player. And it ensures that you can continue to work with our project software wherever you want, without any worries because it’s mobile leasing software that can run both in the cloud and locally. And because it’s rental software for project rental that works on any device.

Discover some of the modules and benefits of our Microsoft-based software for projects here:

  • CRM
  • Quotes
  • Schedules
  • Equipment and materials
  • Rental management
  • Transports
  • Returns
  • HRM
  • Services 
  • Accounting
  • Strong reporting
  • Extensive standard software
  • Ready-made
  • Proven software
  • Fast implementation time
  • Affordable
  • Works on any device
  • Mobile, so you can work from anywhere
  • Use as an app
  • Easily to expand
  • A lot of support available
  • Guaranteed updates and upgrades
  • Dynamics has 160,000 clients in 195 countries
  • Is a market standard
  • Available in the cloud and locally

We are professional company with 40 years of experience in rental software for project rental

Our client portfolio includes rental companies participating in projects, and we know precisely how to help them because our rental software for rental projects is unique. We use an ISO-based approach to ensure the quality of our software, the implementation, and the aftercare because we believe in international standards.

We are a proven professional with experience in the automation of project and rental comanies. And we’re a company that has proven that it knows your business and has solutions for it; one that puts its software into practice professionally. We’ve got you covered when it comes to rental software for project-based businesses!

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